How to save in different situations

How to save in different situations

Shopping trip

  • Not to make impulse purchases (especially in hypermarkets, where everything contributes to this), go to the store with a list and stick to it clearly. As soon as the house is over a certain product, just make a note in your phone or on a piece of paper attached to the refrigerator.
  • Never go to the store on an empty stomach, otherwise, you risk to buy more.
  • Take a bag or package for the products to myself and not buy every time a new. And reasonable from the point of view of Finance and from the point of view of ecology.
  • Do not make big purchases on payday. Psychologists have found that, after receiving the money, people relax and tend to spend more than you need.
  • Do not overpay for butchering and packaging of the products (e.g., meat). Buy a large piece, cut it into portions, freeze them for future use. The same applies to vegetables and fruits. Do in season vegetable mix themselves, freeze. So they will cost you much cheaper.
  • Buy meat, fresh food after 21:00. In many supermarkets, they started to act decent discount.
  • Do not throw away advertising leaflets from supermarkets, get coupons, watch for special offers and discounts.
  • Buy branded products from hypermarkets. Released under their brands of toilet paper, napkins, frozen vegetables and so usually much cheaper.
  • The decision to purchase the disputed items, take the next day. If the desire to acquire has remained or even became stronger — buy.
  • Explore the wholesale markets and bases. Buy goods together with your friends. For such a case good deals “Two products for the price of one.”
  • Train yourself as little as possible to go to the store. Shall describe the menu for the week, determine what products are needed. Select the day and buy in store.

Savings products

  • Learn to cook for yourself. Cook jams, marinate vegetables, make sauces, sculpt and freeze the patties for future use. Fast food and processed foods from the store will cost more, in addition, they are less useful.
  • Do not cook large portions — a couple of days max. Otherwise, the dish will get bored and you want “something delicious”. And that the extra costs in the store.
  • Replace the usual trip to the restaurant tube evening for two at home or a psychic party with friends. Ask each of your guests to bring their favorite dish so you will collect a delicious table.
  • Use of hygge Council, from the Danes: let whoever comes to visit you, bring some blanks (pickles, jam and so on). All this will be put on the table during the upcoming holidays.
  • Track deals, tastings, presentations in cafes and restaurants often have a good dinner in exchange for publication in the social network.

Saving on shopping

  • Try to buy clothes in the boutiques, where you pay more for rent retail space and the Internet. Good selection of quality clothes is on AliExpress. Most importantly, read reviews, consult with the seller about the size.
  • Join the joint procurement (they are in social networks): this allows you to save money.
  • Things for children (shoes, jackets, hats, etc.) buy with it. The child quickly grows, so second-hand children’s clothing for sale, generally in good and very good condition.
  • There is a whole list of baby things, without which you can safely do, so, good save.
  • Don’t throw away old things, give them a second life. Here you can peek a lot of interesting ideas of using old clothes, furniture, skateboards, bottles and other things. Also, there are at least 30 ways to make old jeans.
  • Do not buy formal dresses, take a drink. Usually, along in the rental you can pick up the appropriate accessories (which is savings). And you will not need to worry about that next party you will come again in the same outfit.

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